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  • Since Ur Up
    There are loads of puzzle games out there on the internet, i was bored so i decided to create my own. If you cannot sleep, or you find yourself bored out of your mind, why not try and pass the time by playing the puzzle game. Check the high scores to ...
  • Any Intelligent
    There are three pieces on the chess board left hand. First turn belongs to white ones. Pawns can go forward or backward. Each player can go not far than middle of the board using any piece of his color during the first move. The player can go to any ...
  • The Pzzls
    We offer logic puzzles and riddles, puzzling riddles, science puzzles and math puzzles and riddles. ...
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  • The Braingle
    With over 20,000 brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, quizzes and mind puzzles submitted and ranked by users like you, Braingle has the largest collection anywhere on the internet. Our large array of unique online multiplayer games will keep you e ...
  • The Brain Juice
    Since 21st January 1999 weve been dedicated to real puzzles problems that can be solved mainly or wholly on logic or maths. ...
  • Say What You See
    The following puzzles represent common words or phrases. The object is to simply say what you see. Hold your mouse cursor over any of the puzzles for a few seconds and the answers will appear. ...
  • The Thinks
    Welcome to Thinks, the place for family friendly puzzles and games. ...
  • The Puzzle Contest Center
    The riddles, brainteasers, cryptograms, anagrams, and logic puzzles. Compete in eight new contests monthly. ...
  • The National Puzzlers League
    Were an eclectic crowd who enjoy all forms of wordplay and are continuing the traditions and making our own in The Worlds Oldest Puzzlers Organization. ...
  • The Professor Tangent
    Professor Tangent can help you decide with skeptical inquiry, brainteasers, games, logic, common sense, humor and curriculum suggestions for educators, homeschoolers and students of all ages. Quality thinking protects you from being deceived by other ...

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