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  • Meffert World Of Puzzles
    Uwe Meffert is one of the leading Rotating Puzzle Inventors, makers in the world, and now has a very attractive website which sponsored the Mind Sport Olympiad 2002, Puzzler Championship. I have not seen the web site due to not having a computer, but ...
  • Puzzle And Craft Factory
    We offer mechanical puzzles, brain teasers, games and toys that are fun and educational for all ages and skill levels. ...
  • The Potty Puzzles
    Welcome to Potty Puzzles, the web site for manipulative or mechanical puzzles, including Burrs, interlocking block, wooden assembly, and wire disentanglement. ...
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  • The Impossible Bottles
    Puzzle solutions for the impossible listing puzzle. Learn the puzzling art of putting large objects into small bottles. ...
  • The Hockey Puck Puzzle
    We offer a Rubik cube related 3D puzzle shaped like a hockey puck, with many different design patterns. ...
  • Puzzle Museum
    The Puzzle Museum is home to the worlds finest collection of mechanical puzzles also known as Chinese puzzles, puzzle objects, mechanical puzzles, real puzzles and practical puzzles from 320 B C to tomorrows prototypes. ...
  • The Tangrams
    Ancient Chinese moving piece puzzle, consisting of 7 geometric shapes. Learn its history, make your own tangram set or try solving one of the puzzle shapes. We have great downloads of printouts and software for you to play with. ...
  • The Puzzle Solver
    Puzzle Solutions for the solutions to mechanical puzzles puzzle. Solutions for the Rubik Cube and many other mechanical puzzles. Post questions and get answers on the puzzle message board. Has a puzzle of the month page. ...
  • The Parlor Puzzles
    Puzzles convey a sense of magic, surprise, challenge, and accomplishment. Their appeal endures for millions of people, especially Bob David. After several careers, including commercial pilot, airline administrator, and academic, Bob finally agreed wi ...
  • The Puzzle World
    Puzzle World contains information about many of the finest handcrafted mechanical puzzles in the world. Most of the puzzles presented here are not the massproduced variety found in stores, but limited production puzzles designed by the foremost puzzl ...

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